My Damn Channel - Halo 401K

In this parody animation of the hugely successful multiplayer game, Master Chief awakens from his four-year slumber. With Cortana's help, our hero must confront his own personal, financial apocalypse. The lesson - don't mess with MC's nest egg!

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Directors - Jeremy Diamond & Rich Duhaney
Executive Producer - Jonas Diamond
Producers - Denny Silverthorne & Mike Valiquette
Production Manager - Julie Otten
Production Assistant - Karen West
Writer - Jeremy Diamond
Designer - Aaron Hong
BG Assist: Vladimir Kato
Storyboards - Stephanie Ramon
Editor - Denny Silverthorne
Sound Design - Paul O'Brien
AFX- Joel Gregorio

Character/Prop Builds
Joel Chahal
Joe Lague
Stephanie Ramon
Kurtis Scott

Nathan Carey
Joel Chahal
Rich Duhaney
Joe Lague
Kurtis Scott

HALO Advisors - "BRAD N TORONTO" Sears & Joseph "The Moogle" Lague

With the voices of:
Cortana - Julie Otten
Master Chief - Smiley Jer

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