Status Kill


Internet Troll (or LOSER). Someone who posts inflammatory messages in an online community, such as a forum or blog, to provoke an emotional response.

Everyone has been tagged in a photo they didn't like, got invited to something that had nothing to do with them and been wished a happy birthday from a person who could care less. We've all been there. Status Kill is the satirical series that tackles all the things we love and loath in social media.

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My Damn Channel presents: Status Kill

Written and Directed by: Jesse "Jeskid" Cowell

Executive Producers: Jesse Cowell, Rob Barnett, Warren Chao

Visual FX supervisor: Chris Dimino

Prop master and additional visual FX: Erica Langworthy

Associate Producers: Chris Dimino, Justin Moriarty

Starring: Ayinde Howell as Denton Sparks

The Trolls:
Jumpa -- Michael Raver
Triton -- Alex Sauer
Magic Wanda -- Marissa Parness
Petor -- Guy Rader
Catwoman - Erica Langworthy
Angry Vender - Gustavo Sorola
TweetFacester (voice) - Julia Hoff

Costume Design: Erica Langworthy
Make Up - Michael Raver

Special Thanks: NYCC and all those trolls out there

Season 2

Status Kill


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